Third place with FIUBA at 2021 IEEE-NASPI - Oscillation Source Location Contest

2021  IIEE-NASPI- Oscillation Source Location Contest

In recent years, large-amplitude sustained oscillations have been observed in power grids around the world, thanks to widely deployed PMUs. Finding the source(s) not only enable timely mitigation measures and ensure secure grid operations, but also help generator owners manage asset health and investigate asset failures at an early stage. Therefore, finding the originating source(s) is crucial in real-time operations.

The main objective of this contest is to provide methods capable of mitigating oscillations in the online environment. Based on available PMU measurements, successful methods will correctly characterize oscillations and identify their sources (if applicable) in a way that is practical for real-world deployment. This requires that the source be identified as accurately as possible given the available data, whether that's to a specific generator, load, power plant, substation, or area. Successful methods will handle real-world constraints such as limited system observability, limited topology information, imperfect measurements, and the simultaneous occurrence of system disturbances.

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