The main goal of this institute is to create numerical models for industry and academia problems. These models need to be coded in order to design computational tools for simulating real world situations, test, run numerical experiments and at last graphically analyze the results.
The group have experience in discrete numerical methods like finite elements and finite differences, but also in other methods devoted to the resolution of ordinary and partial differential equations.
As it is essential that those developments be really efficient and to advance the frontiers of knowledge, we used parallel programming techniques in algorithms to operate with maximum efficiency in supercomputers like TUPAC.


HPC area has as its primary objective the design of programs that use parallel and / or distributed processing, to solve problems that can not be addressed in a reasonable time using fewer processors or calculations for which the need for computational resources are very demanding.
The reasons that led to this development include:

  • Soaring use of machine time
  • Extremely high RAM usage
  • Many similar numerical experiments
  • Need for fast results (e. g. meteorology)

High performance computing is an area of significant expansion in the last twenty years, thanks to technological development that allows access to increasingly powerful multiprocessor machines. The availability of hardware leads to the need for adequate software to exploit the computing power in all its potential. These two confluent reasons make solvable problems previously unthinkable to be addressed because of their size and computing needs. Not only the academia but also, and especially, the industry has increased the demand for such solutions. Companies or government dependencies working in areas such as weather, design, mechanical, nuclear and oil industry have their own groups dedicated to the numerical simulation and demand solutions to their problems in fields such as fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism or mechanics of solid among other specialties.